Our Founder

Cem Genc was born in 1980. He completed his primary education in Izmir, secondary and high schools in Erzurum. In 1997, he got into the textile engineering department of Uludag University in Bursa with a high degree by specializing the technical textile in English. Later, he graduated from there as a determined and motivated textile engineer. After working in Sanko Holding for a while, he went to Mönchengladbach, Germany for studying Marketing, Trade and Management as a MBA student for 2 years. In 2005, he came back to Turkey after completing MBA education and started to work in Türkün Holding. He spent successful years there and then founded Design&Colors company in 2014.

All companies have been founded with some dreams and aims of their founders. Design&Colors was also founded with great efforts and big devotions. Cem Genc started to know and learn the fabric with all details in Bursa where is the global center of textile. His passion to fabrics was begun to be formed in the first day when he stepped into Uludag University and since that day he has made all decisions about the business with this unrelieved aspiration. That’s why, he has managed to grow the company step by step in each year.